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Personal Injury Settlement

Wes Eddington Settles Complex Product Liability Claim

Wes Eddington recently settled a complex product liability claim against 3 Defendants for a confidential amount. The case involved a rechargeable battery that exploded while being used in a flashlight, which his client had put in his mouth seconds before the explosion so he could use both of his hands to grab something out of his toolbox. His client was heavily sedated in the ICU Burn Unit for 4 days while recovering from severe electrical burn injuries to his lips, mouth, tongue, and upper throat.

Confidential Settlement in Aviation Wrongful Death and Survival Case

Confidential Settlement in Aviation Wrongful Death and Survival Case

Rick Eddington represented a flight nurse who died and the sole survivor of a nighttime snowstorm aviation accident near Rawlings, Wyoming. Rick represented the wife and one-year old daughter of the flight nurse who died in the crash. The crash involved an air ambulance aircraft which crashed when trying to land at the airport. The Defendant disputed liability and claimed the crash was due to unforeseen icing (an act of God), which they believed made them not negligent. After the first week of a two-week trial, the Defendant paid a confidential amount of money to settle the wrongful death claim and the survivor’s claim for a confidential amount of money.

Confidential Personal Injury Settlement for Semi-Truck Crash

Confidential Personal Injury Settlement for Semi-Truck Crash

Rick Eddington helped represent a client that suffered severe injuries when she was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer during a snowstorm on I-25 south of Denver. Her treating orthopedic surgeon opined that she would need multiple orthopedic surgeries for her injuries from the semi-truck collision, which would cost several million dollars. The case settled several weeks after mediation for a confidential amount of money.

$2.9 Million Personal Injury Jury Verdict for Our Client Hit by a Semi-Truck

Jury verdict for $2,215,000 (over $2.9M with interest and costs), which settled for a confidential amount of money prior to entry of a final judgment

Rick Eddington helped obtain a $2,215,000 personal injury jury verdict for a school teacher that was rear-ended on I-70 by a semi-truck. She suffered a spinal injury that required pain management to her neck and back, as well as a mild traumatic brain injury that kept her out of work for a semester.

Plaintiff walked out of mediation when the Defendant didn’t think the case had a value in excess of $500,000. The Defendant offered $600,000 months prior to trial. Finally, after the first week of trial, the Defendant offered $1,000,000.

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