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Handling Domestic Violence Claims in Colorado

If you’ve ever been party to such a case, you know as well as we do: Domestic violence is anything but clear-cut. While many other legal disputes are more black-and-white and easy to see what exactly happened, situations of domestic violence or domestic disputes are often pitting one participant’s word against the other’s. This is why these cases can be mishandled at a higher rate than most others, demonstrating the need for expert domestic violence attorneys representing your interests and the interests of your family.

What to Expect When Charged With Domestic Violence

The first thing you need to know in the event of a domestic battery or assault charge is that the charges aren’t being brought against the other party to a dispute. If the police are called to respond to a domestic disturbance and you’re personally found to be guilty of a crime, charges will be brought against you by the state of Colorado more often than not. You will more than likely be taken to jail, and brought in to appear in front of a judge as soon as the schedule allows.

Your first hearing following a domestic violence charge will be a bond hearing. The judge will take into account your criminal history, other offenses, the severity of your crime and other circumstances to set a bond that he/she feels is appropriate. If you meet your bond, you will be released until the criminal trial begins.

Why Is It so Important to Have Competent Representation?

The aftermath of a domestic violence or assault charge can be life-changing, depending on the circumstances. No matter how your relationship is with the victim, you likely won’t be able to communicate with them for a period of time, or even permanently if the victim feels they are in danger. You’ll be asked to agree to things and potentially sign away your claims to any shared property or children.

At Eddington Law, we realize that mistakes happen. The issue with trying to deal with the aftermath of such a grave accusation alone is that before you know it, you could sign away your life, giving you no path to redemption after the legal process has run its course.

The positive effect of an expert domestic violence lawyer in Denver comes later, in court. A competent lawyer can help you access favorable plea deals and keep you from jail time in some situations. If you are truly innocent of the charges (which happens frequently), an expert lawyer will protect your innocence in the eyes of the court.

Why Eddington Law Firm?

At Eddington Law Firm, our domestic violence defense team is led by James Colgan, a former district attorney. Having years of experience prosecuting those accused of domestic violence and assault, James and his team have the expertise needed to know how to present your case in front of the court and get you a just ruling.

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