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Recovering from a DUI in Denver

Contrary to what you may have heard, you have options following a charge of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol in Colorado. A great legal team can help you plead down the charges or potentially even get them expunged under the right circumstances. Whatever the situation, when you receive a DUI, you can’t afford to compound the damage by attempting to navigate the justice system alone. The DUI lawyers at Eddington Law Firm are here to help you find justice around every turn.

Understanding Colorado DUI laws

Visitors from out of state are especially susceptible to Colorado’s DUI laws because, unlike in most states, there is a lesser penalty called driving with abilities impaired (DWAI) which kicks in when your blood alcohol content (BAC) ranges between .05 and .08. A BAC of .08 and above is a DUI, the same as in most other states.

In Colorado, both DWAIs and DUIs carry potential jail time, even for a first offense. For any DUI offense, there is a maximum of one year in jail associated with the charges. There are also fines and license suspensions for first-time offenders, which get more severe with each subsequent offense.

It’s also important to note another unique law regarding DUIs in Colorado. If you’re pulled over under suspicion of DUI and you refuse to submit to a substance test, there is an automatic license suspension period of one year for a first offense, two years for a second offense and three years for a third offense.

Is DUI a Felony or a Misdemeanor?

For a first, second or third offense in Colorado, a DUI is a misdemeanor. As of a 2017 law, however, fourth and subsequent DUI charges are felonies and carry mandatory sentencing rules.

This is why it’s important to have a skilled lawyer that specializes in drunk driving cases when you go to court. While ideally, you’d never have to go through the justice system charged with a DUI, we understand that accidents happen. A Denver criminal lawyer with expertise in Colorado DUI laws can lessen the sentencing, fines, and suspensions (at least for first offenders) and potentially work out a plea deal to lessen the charges, putting you at lower risk for your next DUI to be a felony charge.

What to Do in the Event of a DUI

If you’re pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, it’s important to cooperate fully with the arresting officer. As mentioned, failure to comply and/or submit to a substance test can result in a significant suspension of your driver’s license.

It’s also important to contact an expert DUI lawyer in Denver as soon as possible. The team at Eddington Law Firm can guide you through the justice system, minimizing the damage so that you can come out a better person on the other side and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

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