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For the same reason Colorado is popular with outdoor enthusiasts and motorists of all kinds, our state is also a hub of aviation activity in our clear blue skies. Pilots ranging from small recreational aerobatics to military-grade training and missions fly across Colorado. While safety and training requirements and standards are high, occasionally an accident can occur. If and when something serious happens, such as wrongful death, our legal team is trained in the complex aviation laws established to protect survivors and those affected by such a significant tragedy.

Injured in an aviation accident?

Aviation Accident

Aviation accidents, airplane crashes, and helicopter crashes are often preventable accidents but unfortunately usually result in serious injuries or even death. There are many complex laws at the state, national, and international levels that govern wrongful death and survivorship of personal injury aviation cases. If you are in any way affected by an accident of this kind, contact Eddington Law Firm today for expert understanding of the complex laws and jurisdictions that might control this particular situation.

Our personal injury attorneys understand these laws and are here to protect you. If you or a loved one was hurt in an aviation accident, airplane crash, or helicopter crash, the Eddington Law Firm can help you with your personal injury or wrongful death claim. Our Colorado personal injury attorneys have more than 30 years of experience representing a wide range of aviation accidents. We will work with you to determine if you have the grounds for a personal injury or wrongful death claim in your specific case.

A few examples of personal injury aviation accidents include:

  • Commercial airline accidents
  • Private aviation crashes
  • Air ambulance accidents
  • Military plane accidents
  • Helicopter tour crashes
  • Offshore helicopter crashes

Establishing your case

Many times, people who cause personal injury accidents are often unwilling to admit fault or pay where compensation is due. If that’s the case in your situation, we’ll advocate on your behalf to get you the support you need.

In order to hold someone legally responsible for an aviation accident, the injured person must prove that at least one responsible party failed to meet an industry standard related to operation of the aircraft, engineering, or a regulatory issue. Our legal team can help you understand who is ultimately legally liable for any damages, which may include the pilot, the airline(s), the owner of the aircraft, the manufacturer of the aircraft or its key parts, the aircraft maintenance provider, the government (for possible negligence by air traffic controllers or weather services), or airport operators.

The laws in these circumstances cover both commercial air carrier and general or recreational aviation accidents. General aviation includes all noncommercial aircraft like small planes, business jets, charter flights, helicopters, and even hang gliders. Common liability or error can include:

  • Pilot error
  • Faulty equipment
  • Federal Aviation Administration regulations violations
  • Structural or design problems
  • Negligence of Flight Service Station employees
  • Negligence of Federal Air Traffic Controllers

To understand which laws relate to the accident that impacted you, what party or parties are responsible, and what caused the accident, talk to our expert lawyers today. Call us at (303) 815-1585 for a free consultation.

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