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When you enter onto someone else’s property, you expect that the property will be safe. Residential, commercial, and industrial property owners all have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of people on their property. If a person is hurt as a result of unsafe property conditions, the owner of the property may be held financially accountable. Premises liability is the term for this legal obligation that property owners have for unsafe conditions on their property.

If you or a loved one were hurt by an unsafe condition on someone else’s property, you could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. The Denver premises liability attorneys at Eddington Law have successfully represented countless premises liability victims, and they can help you too. Call us at (303) 815 1585 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced premises liability attorneys.

Do I need A Premises Liability lawyer?

When an accident occurs on someone else’s property, you may suffer serious injuries. You may have a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, sprains, torn ligaments or tendons, whiplash, burns, or other serious injuries. These injuries may be devastating and change your life in an instant. Your monetary losses may be significant; medical expenses can add up quickly, and time lost from work or interruptions to your career can cause financial strain for you and your family. When you’re struggling after an accident that occurs on someone else’s property, you need help. It’s essential to handle your premises liability case with care.

An experienced Denver premises liability attorney can help you assert your claim, maximize your compensation, and avoid errors that can hurt your case. To successfully collect compensation, you will have to gather evidence to show that the property owner violated a duty of care that they owed to you. Property owners owe different levels of protection to different types of visitors, so you will have to prove which category of visitor you were, what level of care the owner owed to you, and how they violated that care. You will also have to show that their violation directly led to your injuries, which cost you significant damages. An attorney experienced in premises liability will know what kinds of evidence will be sufficient to prove these components. They can negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the greatest amount of compensation possible.

Why Choose Eddington law To Handle My Case?

At Eddington Law, we work to help each client maximize their compensation and streamline the legal process as much as we can. We’re passionate about fighting for our clients. With more than 30 years of experience, we examine the case for all possible legal strategies. Our goal is to assert your rights to help you get the best result from the legal system. We have been named among the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers and Super Lawyers, and have won millions of dollars for our clients throughout our history. With outstanding knowledge of the law, determination for our clients, and dedicated personal service, our law firm is where you can turn when you’re hurt in a premises liability accident.

Types of Cases We Handle

There are many ways that a premises liability accident can occur. Some of the most common premises liability cases we handle include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Falling objects
  • Mold
  • Structure collapse
  • Fires
  • Inadequate security
  • Stair accidents
  • Elevator/escalator accidents

At Eddington Law, our team handles the full range of premises liability cases that arise from an accident caused by an unsafe or defective condition on a property. If your case does not fit into an above-listed category, but you think that your injuries were caused by a negligent property owner, contact us right away for assistance.

Colorado Premises Liability Law

Colorado’s premises liability law is Colorado Revised Statute Section 13-21-115. The law adopts the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling in Gallegos v. Phipps in 1989 to establish uniform standards for premises liability in Colorado. The law applies to any landowner, authorized agent, or any other person who has real property. If a person or business is responsible for the condition of the property, Colorado’s premises liability law applies.

The standard that applies to the property owner depends on the injured party’s status. The reason that the injured person was on the property determines what level of care the property owner owed them. Colorado law designates three different categories that apply to victims based on the reason that they’re on the property when they’re injured:

  • Trespasser — A trespasser is a person who enters onto a property without the property owner’s permission or into an area they’re not permitted. The property owner has the least duty to a trespasser. A person who trespasses onto property may only collect damages for injuries caused purposefully or deliberately. It is also possible to collect damages on the behalf of a trespassing child if they were hurt by an “attractive nuisance” such as a swimming pool or trampoline.
  • Licensee — A licensee is a person who enters onto a property with permission to further their own interest. For example, a guest who comes to your house for dinner is a licensee, and that person has legal protection from dangers that are created by the landowner (if the landowner is aware of the danger on the property). Licensees also have legal protections from unusual dangers that are not created by the landowner if the landowner has knowledge of the danger. The property owner must warn licensees of dangers they are aware of, but is not required to monitor for dangers or promptly fix them.
  • Invitee — An invitee is a person who enters onto someone else’s property for the benefit of the property owner, such as a customer in a store. Invitees are owed the highest level of care. The property owner must actively take steps to find dangers and remedy them for the benefit of invitees using reasonable care. If an invitee is injured by a hazard a property owner wasn’t aware of, but should have been aware of, the property owner can be held liable.

Another important component of premises liability cases is Colorado’s comparative negligence doctrine. This doctrine, also called contributory negligence, allows injury victims who were partially responsible for their accident to collect compensation. You can only collect compensation if you were less than 51% responsible for the accident. Your award will then be reduced by the percentage you are found to be at fault. For example, if you were running through a store and then slipped on an unmarked spill, you may be found to be 20% responsible for your accident. If you were then awarded $100,000, your award would be reduced by 20%, leaving you with $80,000 in compensation.

Possible Compensation

When you’re hurt because of a dangerous condition on someone else’s property, Colorado law gives you the right to claim compensation for a wide variety of damages. This compensation may include:

  • Medical expenses, including ambulance rides, emergency room visits, doctor appointments, surgery, and medication. It can include costs you have already incurred as well as costs you are going to incur in the future.
  • Property damage, if items like your phone, jewelry, or clothing were damaged during the accident.
  • Lost wages if you had to miss work due to your injuries.
  • Lost earning capacity, if you will be unable to return to your same job in the future.
  • Pain and suffering, such as the inability to do activities you once enjoyed.

If your loved one passed away as a result of a premises liability accident, you may also recover compensation for their death through a wrongful death claim. Through this claim, you may be able to recover compensation including medical expenses up to their death, funeral expenses, loss of income, loss of emotional support, and more.

Premises Liability Statistics

Courts award billions of dollars in compensation to premises liability victims each year. Most premises liability cases reach a settlement without going to trial. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, falls account for more than 8 million emergency room visits each year. Falls are a leading cause of lost time from work. Falls also caused thousands of deaths every year and are considered the sixth most likely cause of death.

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If you’re suffering after an accident or injury that occurred on someone else’s property, contact the Denver premises liability attorneys at Eddington Law to take steps toward recovering compensation. Our team of experienced premises liability attorneys is here to help you in your time of need. We go above and beyond to build a strong case and advocate for your best interests. We’re prepared to fight for you. Call us at (303) 815 1585 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a free and confidential consultation with an experienced professional. You have legal options. Together, we can help you pursue your claim and reach a legal solution in your favor.